Since I was a kid I spent a lot of time using (and spoiling) my dad’s computer, trying to figure out how videogames and applications were made, dreaming of «doing» my owns. Those feelings were added to filmmaking when in 1995 -maybe a couple years later- Pixar’s Toy Story was released and I fell deeply in love with it, and with the idea of living toys, so I started «shoting» (with a very homemade stop-motion technique) my owns «films».

After finishing high school I studied a Bachelor in Multimedia Engineering in Universidad de Alicante (Spain), and I got solved almost of all my questions and thoughts about videogames and applications development. There I got programming, web development, videogames development, sound and video theory, apps development, and other «multimedia» theories and techniques knowledges, and I worked at many group and personal projects, such as videogames, desktop applications, web apps and mobile apps. I almost knew about what I wanted; except for one more thing: filmmaking.

Just a week after getting my last grades I started a course in 3D Character Animation, Modelling and Storytelling at Pepe-School-Land in Barcelona. I learnt a lot of animation techniques, the twelve principles, acting, staging and all those stuff. I also got basic knowledges about storytelling, and 3D modelling for production.

Through all this years I’ve been improving by myself my skills in the others 3D fields, such as dynamics or rigging, but mainly focusing on the look and feel (texturing, shading, lighting). Because of that, I’m always open to test 3D software and render engines.

Currently, I’m working as Freelance, open to new projects and opportunities. Don’t hesitate to contact me.