Might & Magic Teaser

Teaser for presenting the Eel creature, for the new raids feature of Might & Magic Elemental Guardians game. We had a pretty tight deadline for making it, so we had to be simple within the main idea of the teaser, and use the same assets coming from the game. I was in charge of direction, lighting, materials (from the game original textures), simulations and final composition. 

Date: Aug 2018 / Brand: Might & Magic Elemental Guardians / Client: Ubisoft


Direction: Raúl Ibarra, Laura Sirvent

Art Direction: Antonio García

Concept Art: David Navarrot

3D Modelling: Juan Antonio López

Animation: Raúl Ibarra

Lighting & Materials: Laura Sirvent

Simulation: Laura Sirvent

Composition: Raúl Ibarra, Laura Sirvent